IUEC Construction Details

IUEC Construction Details

Real Estate and Contraction

We are one of the largest real estate investment companies in Egypt, we were founded in 1980 As a contractor, and we are recognized on a large scale as a leading company in the field of real estate investment and in contracting in the construction sector in Egypt. Today, we still continue to lead our industry to the big & vital businesses, which employs more than 2000 people locally only.

We specialize in providing large scale in the field of real estate investment, and construction projects in very complex sectors, and the industrial and residential construction, and the commercial buildings and restoration. Given the magnitude of its size and its complexity, and these projects are often carried out in difficult conditions.

Our strength, as a contractor, is long-drawn from the ability to execute construction projects in a timely manner, and within budget, and the resources that we enjoy in the engineering expertise in building and construction, as well as qualified people too. We develop these assets to provide technologically advanced services of all the phases of the construction, and our commitment to the best standards in the category of health, safety and environmental protection.
We own a large fleet of specialized equipment and tools that help us to implement and accomplish our tasks.

The company is purchasing land in urban communities and residential places (New Cairo – Sherouk City - Obour City - 6 October - Sheikh Zayed - Faisal, Haram and Marioutiah) and then we deliver services and facilities and the creation of housing units that are in distinct variety in order to create family housing distinguished for medium and luxury prices which cannot be compared to others.

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