IUEC Profile

IUEC Profile

About IUEC

The International United Egyptian Company For Exports, Imports and Construction (IUEC) located in Egypt, was established in 2006 for the purpose of integrating the work of all enterprises owned by the company now and operating in the Egyptian market and in the Arab African market since 1980, in the fields of real estate investment and construction as well as the other various commercial activities. We also added the production and processing of frozen fruits and vegetables within the company's activities, in addition to exporting frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables all over the world.

IUEC Vision

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» To become pioneers in marketing and the distribution of our products, which are supported by world-class services to our customers in Egypt and Arab countries, guided by our principles and values.

» Promote only high-quality products, which are supported by superior services to customers.

» The client is the focus of our attention; we tailor our services to meet their needs.

» Commitment to the highest ethical standards in dealing with customers, suppliers and all parties inside and outside the group.

» Commitment to our long-term common goals, under the principles we respect to achieve leadership in our field.

IUEC Objectives

To provide the market with products characterized by quality, backed up by after sale superior services in order to reach a leading position in the market.

To build a sales and services network by global standards, to provide the best buying and ownership experience for our customers.

IUEC Activities

The IUEC is considered as a world leading company in the following areas:

  • The real Estate investment, engineering consultancy, construction and decoration fields.
  • The imports and exports fields

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